Let down

On Friday I let a customer down. 
Whilst bringing the planters in from the front a couple of weeks ago a lady stopped and asked if I could get a red rose for her, for the 24th. Knowing what my brain is like I wrote it down immediately, transferred it to the ordering system I use and thought no more of it, until the lady came in to collect it. I had no record of it for Friday, and not a single red rose to be found in the shop. I was mortified - still am. 
I was lucky in that she was very kind to me and gracious enough to tell me "not to worry". After she left the shop I went through everything, finding the original paperwork I'd written it on and finding it on the system I use. For Feb 24th 2024. I'd had it open to next year looking something up earlier, hadn't changed back to this year and popped it on without a second thought. 
Another florist friend I was telling said "don't sweat it; isn't your first time, won't be your last and at least you're now not left with 19 other's you can't sell". That may well be true but I am not the kind of person to think that way. Letting someone down goes against everything I stand for, everything I am. 
I'm sharing that I made a mistake because I happily share my good days with you all, it's only fair to share when I get it wrong. ☹️🌹



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