Nobody likes to receive a complaint, however, I received one this morning via a phone call that has really made me chuckle...

On Tuesday, a regular customer (who should have known better) left it too late for me to supply his Valentines flowers. I apologised, he said he'd give me a few days notice next year (there won't be a next year for Valentines if I have my way) and he left the shop a little unhappy with me.

This morning (just after I opened up at 9am) he has called me and he was not a happy man because he'd ended up going somewhere else (he didn't tell me where and I never asked) where he was able to purchase a bouquet for his lovely wife. "They charged me more than double the price you do" he ranted down the phone at me, genuinely angry "and this morning, half of them are dead already. The misses is fuming with me with me for going elsewhere because she can get your flowers to last 3 weeks or more. Valentines was ruined. All of this is your fault for not having anything for me when I came in".

I know I shouldn't because his anger was genuine but I'm still chuckling to myself now; best complaint I've ever had 🤣😂


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