This time it feels personal!

**Update - This morning (Weds 3rd July 2024) I have been informed that a local political party candidate was issued with a warning yesterday about not involving herself in the parking issues! She came into my shop following a confrontation to talk about the election tomorrow, and to buy a plant, but after all that has happened I am now left a little unsure whether they will be tainting me by association! Best make sure my car isn't around to be seen or I could be walking home! ** 
How kind of my shop neighbour yesterday; he waited until I'd brought the planters in, knowing in mere minutes I'd be leaving, then reversed his car a few feet to butt right up to mine. 

I guess he was trying to protect it from the illegally parked van which was illegally parked! Maybe if Fareham Borough Council or Fareham Police were to actually do their jobs this wouldn't have happened. 

Not sure what I've done to deserve this, other than be a woman working my butt off in the area I was born born-and-raised, to try and pay my bills! For years there have been parking issues in Fareham Park Road and because I refuse to bow down to bullies I've kept a spreadsheet of all the illegal parking, and complained about parking issues to the council, who continually do NOTHING. One can't help but wonder WHY the council refuse to do anything!!  

Recently I have noticed that a couple of drivers are parking closer to my car; a few times I've almost been blocked in to the point where I'd have to ask them to move, but being the person I am I've been able to shunt back-and-forth by mere millimetres.

People ask if I am scared by it all, being up here on my own with all that has gone on, and now with this happening daily - again because the council lied to us - but I can answer honestly "no, I'm not scared". I'd not share on social media if I was; then again I also tell them if anything ever happens to me they're not to go to Fareham, or even Hampshire Police because I don't trust a single person connected with them, but I'm not scared; I've dealt with bullies, and liars, my whole life, but I would be lying if I didn't say I have concerns. I do wonder whether I should just "put up and shut up" as I've been advised to do in the past. If I do that though the council win, the people in charge have a hassle free life. As I have stated on my previous posts about our local council, my issues are not with the people parking illegally, or trying to block me in, my issues are with Fareham Borough Council, Fareham and Hampshire police and Hampshire County Council for consistantly allowing it to happen, to continue, and to be ignorant of the people it is affecting.  

The worst part is, that until yesterday and this deliberate act, my issue was never with the guys parking; it was never with the couple who would stand outside the back door of my shop during lockdown when I was up here alone. It was never with the one who one day just stood staring into the window at me, again when I was alone during lockdown. It was never about my tyres always becoming flat if I had to park anywhere other than outside the shop; only ever mine, nobody elses - am I being paranoid or does that seem a little odd when obviously there have been other things happening. My issue was never with the car drivers when they parked so close to the front of my shop once I had to climb over their bonnet to get out - again, during lockdown when I was at the shop alone. My issue was always, prior to this, with Fareham Borough Council and Fareham Police. Now though, this is personal and I very much have an issue with it.



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