Fareham Borough Council - Round 3

*My issue is NOT with the people parking (per se) but with Fareham Borough Council for allowing it to continue day, after day, after day. I would like to know what they have though because I'd like some of it in case I ever need to park illegally and want to get away with it!*

The fact I am already on my third entry regarding Fareham Borough Council should tell you all you need to know about them! Fed up with keep adding updates to my last blog about FBC - you can read clicking here - which I started because I was getting nowhere after my first bash at them, I now find myself here, starting a third update. 

We've just had our local elections - yes, thanks to those of you who voted to keep the same people in charge (please tell me you can note the sarcasm in my voice) and equally to those of you who didn't bother because you feel it won't make a difference. Let me tell you if the 71% who didn't bother to make the effort had voted there is a massive chance it would have made a difference. In fact all you did by not voting was ensure the same lot got back in again. Think about that the next time you want to complain about something Fareham Borough Council are responsible for! 

I'm digressing; as I'm sure you have gathered I am absolutely at the end of my very long tether when it comes to FBC. They lie - as I have proven; you'll find it if you read my last entry about them - and when it comes to our little part of Fareham you cannot tell me there is something a little 'iffy' in regards to their reactions. Strike that, I meant to say lack of reaction! 

We were promised (lied too again) that the building work would only take place on the site at the corner of Highlands Road if the workers on-site didn't park outside the shops (originally I was told they weren't allowed to park in Fareham Park Road at all). Oddly I can no longer find that note on the list of conditions attached to the building work, which might explain why yet again nobody has bothered to reply to my request from the council to enforce the guarantee (lie) we were given. Since Monday, four days now, there have been two vehicles parked permantenly outside. Nothing has been done about moving them, just as nothing gets done when there is an endless trail of cars parked on the double-yellow lines at the bottom of FPR. It affects business massively. Every customer who does make it into the shop will utter the words "I've had to park half a mile away to get to you" the second they walk through the door. I'm not going to lie, I am fed up with hearing it, and I am more than fed up the lackadaisical approach from the council. 

This morning at 07:15 I contacted the council about the two vehicles which have been parked since Monday. I knew at the time it wasn't going to make any difference as my last email wasn't even replied to and nothing get's done, but if I sit back and rest on my laurels by not doing anything, that I am as apathetic as those who chose not to fight. I have no right to complain about it if I've not tried to do something about it. As I sit writing this, some seven hours since I sent my email, nothing has been done but this happened... 

If this isn't putting me in place then I don't know what it! The car is still there on my forecourt, the others are still there - illegally parked on the double-yellows -  and the two which have been parked there for the past seventy two hours are also still there! 

I spoke to one of the residents in the flats opposite who told me the drivers for the take-aways will park two abreast blocking their access to their private parking areas. We all remember what happened when one of the residents asked one of the drivers to move before - if you don't remember let me remind you that he pulled a screwdriver out of her car and threatened her with it. Oddly enough not a single security camera on any of the premises was working at the exact moment he threatened her. I'm not sure how Just Eat operate. I assumed they randomly assigned drivers, however, there are the same ones who visit every day carrying their bags so I can only assume the businesses can choose which drivers they want? The lady who was threatened was told it was a 'random' driver, they never get the same ones twice. Well that's a big fat lie, proven time-and-again. After a couple of months the regular ones will disappear and another will take their place and be there each day.  

Another condition which has been broken regarding the new builds is that they were not allowed to work onsite before 8am or after 6pm. This past week they have been working well into the early hours!

I included this below in my previous entry but really can't help wonder if I may be onto something! I wonder if I, or the lady who was threatened, was a man whether things would be different?

""Before I begin, I can't but help wonder if the reason I find myself writing this, having already written about issues with the council before, might be because I am a woman and therefore not deemed worthy enough of paying any attention to! 

*A year after writing the above sentence about my being a woman I found this! There really may be something to it!*""

And then we have Cruella out there doing all she can to bring down the Government when she can't even do anything about what's going on in her own constituency. Jeez, imagine if she was to get into power!

I also updated the parking infraction spreadsheet too ( Spreadsheet)  it's like I'm a woman-on-a-mission. And yes, I have told family/friends and some customers if I ever go missing or wind up in some woods with my head missing, they are not to go to any police force in Hampshire (the PCC being affiliated to those in charge of FBC might suggest an investion could be glossed over). 


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