Websites and Weddings

I don't often get out to see our brides on the day of their wedding where I'm stuck in the shop sorting out their reception arrangements and making sure the next load of deliveries are ready for when the drivers get back, but on Saturday I was lucky enough to go and out and deliver the brides bouquet and I am so very glad I did. She actually screamed with excitement when she saw it. Such a great feeling to know that something I have made has also made someone else's day. Even as I walked away from the house on the way back to the shop I could still hear her squealing and getting her bridesmaids to have a look at what she said were "the most stunning flowers I've ever seen". Makes all the long hours, early mornings, late nights and weekend working worth it. And thankfully the rain clouds disappeared just as she would have been going into church. I am sure they had a wonderful day and congratulations to them.  Sadly I won't get out and about this weekend as I have 3 weddings to get ready and then we are off to the local fayre/show on Monday so I will be up here on Sunday preparing everything for down there but I hope this weekends brides are as happy as last weekends were. :o)

Ooh. Now the website.  In the 5 years we've had it up and running we've never set up online ordering. There can be so many issues with it when it comes to somebody wanting a certain flower not shown on the site, or hoping they can sneak in a same day delivery well after the cut off time, but we have finally bitten the bullet and Clive is currently working on his own version of online ordering that should minimise all that hassle so watch this space.


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