All day fiddling

Well it feels like I've spent all day fiddling with different web based bits and pieces. Now idea how I've managed to fit in all the usual flowery work as well. And it's still only 3pm.  I guess it just goes to show that the more you have to do the more you can get done.  I've updated the FB shop pages, sorted out our Twitter account and twitpics (there's a link on the right to follow us on there if you wish) as well as watermarking all the photos of our work that is going to be placed on the different sites. Scary to think I would have to watermark them all but you would be amazed (or maybe you wouldn't) about all the Florists that use photos of other peoples work on their sites. I myself have had some of my sympathy tributes used by another shop before. I have no problem if someone asks me if they could use the photo (providing they let their customers know that they never made it themselves) but to just take them and pass them off as their own disgusts me. Their poor customers. Going into their shops and seeing tributes that they themselves may want to order without knowing the shop they are in hasn't made the tribute themselves and may have no clue how to whatsoever.  And there are a lot more out there using other peoples work than you might think. So please be careful when ordering from shops that don't have their photographs watermarked with either their name (check all photos have the same name) or with the shop name. You may think you've picked a great shop and in fact they could be attrocious and passing off someone else's good work as their own.


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