Fifteen years...

On this very day, 15 years ago, we opened the doors to our Fareham Park Road shop. Now, just as way back then, we are still honoured when someone chooses us as the florist to create their funeral tribute; we know how difficult it can be for a bereaved family to place their trust in us. We are truly humbled by the phone calls, messages, email, cards and reviews we receive each week thanking us after the service has taken place.

Thank you to those of you who allowed us to provide your tributes. To those of you we shall see in the next 15 years we promise we will always put you, your loved ones, and your needs way before ours. ❤️

Thank you to those of you who have allowed us to create your wedding bouquets, and work with you as you bring your dream wedding to life. We know that flowers will be in 99.9% of the photographs taken on the day, making them (after the bride and groom, of course) one of the most important parts of your day. So many of you have been an absolute dream to work alongside and we have being there with you along the way. It's wonderful that most of you are also still with us; we've created flowers for your new arrivals, birthdays, anniversaries, and second (third) weddings for a couple of you too (you know who you are :) ). It's been an honour and a privilege. 

Lastly (but never least) those of you who use us for everyday occasions; birthdays, births, anniversaries, to get you out of trouble (way too many of those!), to help you finally nail the date with the person of your dreams (so happy to hear most of those didn't turn out to be a nightmare!) and also just because you want to brighten someone's day. We wouldn't be here without any of you.

Oh, and quickly (because he really does deserve a mention) I would personally like to thank Clive. He may make me want to beat him about the head with a big stick on way-too-regular a basis, and I have absolutely no doubt that whilst I celebrate us being here fifteen years, he is wondering why he ever agreed to go along with my dream of being in the Fareham Park Road shop, every second of every day; I know he has (still has on many occasions) doubts but Clive, I am (and will remain) eternally grateful to you for all you have done these past 15 years (plus the three in Horndean and the many, many more that you have been in my life). I would not be here, and could never have done any of it without you. I owe you everything and so much more; also, let me never forget your incredible wife, Emma, who tolerates me demanding your attention at times when she probably has a list of things she wants done too! 


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