Your vote counts

I typically steer clear of politics; everyone has their own thoughts, opinions, and reasons for voting (which is nobody else's business). However, with a local election approaching this Thursday, I urge you to pause and consider the impact of your decision on others. Just because an issue doesn't directly affect you now doesn't mean it won't in the future. I'm certain nobody in Fareham Park Road (top, middle and bottom of the road) ever thought local decisions would negatively impact them daily, until it did. Where are those elected officials, the ones who promised to listen to and work for their constituents, and where have they been, when those very constituents have needed them most?  

I know there are many of you considering not voting because you believe it won't make a difference; I hope you will reconsider. Apathy won't bring about change, but your vote could be the catalyst for real action. Your vote could make the difference between overlooking unethical behaviour or actively aiding and assisting your neighbours, perhaps even yourself. As a local resident and small business owner, born and raised in this area, I've witnessed at firsthand a lack of support from our council and elected representatives.

Our current Police and Control Commissioner is aligned with the ruling political party of the borough. I personally feel nobody should be above the law, and I can't help but wonder if there could be potential negative repercussions or biased decision-making due to this affiliation. Might it influence decisions regarding certain issues that have adversely affected our local area?

Those who were voted in were done so on the basis they were "all about our local community".! My business neighbour eventually sold up, and at one point, I contemplated doing the same because no assistance has ever been forthcoming in helping us deal with some of the issues we face daily. However, you can bet the odds would be stacked against us if we were to step out of line with regards any regulations; they would come down on us quicker than the multi-storey carpark did.

Even if your preferred candidate doesn’t win, your vote really does matter. Please, take the time to make it count.

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