Goodness me...

"Parking is an absolute nightmare out there" and "How do you manage getting your van in to load up?" along with "I can't stop, I had to park across someone's drive" and "there was literally nowhere to park; I'm right up around the corner" are just 4 of the phrases customers have said to me when they've actually been able to get near enough to make it into the shop this week... I did tell them they should have come before the new building work started, and to come back once it's finished, so they can experience what it's really like on a 'normal'day! At least the double-yellows down to the Highlands junction are empty at the moment. As anyone local, & the poor bus drivers know, that's not usually the case, as you can see if you Click Here - I gave up complaining about it in the end; nobody who could do something about it is bothered. Also, my camera 'mysteriously' stopped working! 
Running a small business in Fareham is challenging enough, without all the additional obstacles we are forced to deal with, unless, of course, you know the right people!
Several times people have said to me "I came up to order some flowers the other day but couldn't park anywhere so I had to go elsewhere"  For those of you who haven't been able to find somewhere to stop so you can visit, please don't give up on us and go elsewhere; don't forget you can call us direct, or hop online to place your orders. Not as personal, I grant you, but it saves you from having to drive around-and-around all day. If you're not able to get here to collect your flowers, we will happily bring them out to you. 
I want to thank anyone who doesn't give up on us and is happy to walk quite a way to make it into the shop; it really does mean a lot to us. Without you we'd have to cease trading.



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