We're branching out...

not in the sense of another shop (I've got enough to be doing with one premises) but with our delivery areas; I'm being asked more-and-more to deliver out to Cosham and Waterlooville (no idea why) so we've decided to expand our delivery area. The delivery charge will be a little higher than it is for local orders (stands to reason as it's further out and takes longer so we have higher fuel and wages) but even then we've still kept it as low as and fair as possible (I recently ordered some new chairs costing over £2000 and was charged £50 on top for delivery, so I think in relation to £30/40 of flowers we're not charging anywhere near enough).

Same day, and timed delivery (unless for a funeral) won't be possible in these areas (most days we struggle with that in our own, hence why I am always banging on about PRE-ordering) but at least you'll know what you're getting when you order from us.

As always you can order via phone, popping in to see me or online; the choice is yours.


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