Valentines 23

Every year I say to myself (and others who may be around me at-the-time) "Never again; I can't do this any more" then the following year February 14th comes around and I find myself 'doing it again'. This is because, every year people get a little bit ruder, a bit more aggressive, and a lot more uppity; not all it has to be said. Some have stuck their heads in the door and said "I know I'm late, but any chance" and when I've said "No, sorry" they've either replied with "I knew it, I promise I'll order next year" or "wine and chocolates it is then". These people I like and are welcome any time. These people I really do wish I had some spares for. Sadly, they are in the minority. A prime example of 'rude' is below. 

After standing outside to read the 2 signs I'd popped into plants, as well as the one on the shop door, all of which said the same "Please be aware we have no flowers spare that we are able to see you today. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause" he strolled in, chatting on his phone, and asked me for some roses to take away with him. When I explained I didn't have any, he did what everyone always does and looked at the flowers I had in the shop on the stand (my shop is so small I don't have an 'out-the-back' area to keep them in, pointed out that I had flowers so could sell him some of the ones he could see. Again, I explained I wasn't able to sell him any as they were already ordered and put aside for other customers - all the while he was still on his phone chatting to someone else in-between - at which point he said to the person on the phone "I'm in a flower shop and the bitch working here has a shop full but is refusing to sell them to me". At this point I asked him to leave, he called me an "effing see-you-next-tuesday" before stomping out of the shop, still on his phone, slamming the door behind him. Some people just ooze charm! I worry about the person who is involved with these people; to speak to a florist they don't know in such a way, concerns me as to how they must speak to the person they are involved with. Back in 2020 I shared a post about the darker side of Valentines and this year has shown me nothing to contradict it, although back then it was only on Valentines I found myself being abused; these days people abuse on any day of the year, for any old reason.

I could understand a little more if it wasn't for the fact Valentines is rammed down our throats for weeks. Every TV advert break will show at least one ad mentioning it; supermarkets promote it. I'm pretty certain everyone who's logged onto a social media site, opened up a browser, or just gone for a mooch around the web will have seen an ad reminding them it's Valentines, so why is it my fault people have left it too late? What gives anyone the right to speak to me the way I get spoken to because I've not got what they want? I also have to place an order to ensure I'll get flowers; I don't have to give just 24 hours notice either, I have to give at least 2 weeks. Yes, there will always be some extras at the wholesalers I can pick up if I need to but at what point do I draw-the-line? Say I'd gone to the wholesalers this morning, picked up a few more wraps of roses, some extra flowers to make up bouquets, and not a single person had called, or popped in to purchase them! Flowers are expensive enough as it is right now, without the extra expense that Valentines brings with it. As a small business I can’t afford to have a load of stock end up in the bin at the end of a day; I don’t have another stock line I can add a few pence on to so as to recoup the money that would be lost if they don’t sell. Small businesses work hard to get customers through the doors – actually a lot of bigger businesses these days too as well – but we can only do so much.

I have worked on developing my psychic skills to be able to foresee who will want what so I don’t have to turn anyone away, but at this point in time I’m not having much success. This means if you want flowers you’ve got to work with me on them and give me some kind of advance warning.

I’m well aware that we live in a world where it’s expected we can all get what we want, when we want it, but sadly that is not always possible.

In short, as a result of what’s occurred this year, next year I plan on actually taking the week off (as I promise myself I will every year). It will save not just the additional expense of everything, but also my stress levels from shooting through the roof. I’ve heard Mexico and the Caribbean are good places to visit this time of year!  


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