Having spent more than a few hours this weekend sorting through 6 different camera recordings of our little thief last Thursday, I've managed to make a lovely little montage up which really doesn't show him in a very good light, and will be highly humiliating for him if his family/friends get to view it.

However, as a decent person I am still willing to give benefit-of-doubt that it was a drunken escapade, so here's a little teaser shot of him as he's leaving with the plants in his hands, so proud of himself for pulling them out of brand new, soft compost (something my 18 month old nephew could have easily done!) 

Obviously I'm aware if you know him, then you will recognise him from behind.

All I want is the plants back, or the money to compensate for them. As a small business I can't afford to waste what little there is in the pot.

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(same day possible on occasions - dependent on stock levels).

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