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One of the things I hear so often from people is "ooh, how lovely; you get to play with flowers all day".

After a day spent knee deep in rotting leaves where I've not had chance/time to clear the floor, with hands/arms covered in thorns and deep gouges (the gouges are from where the thorns that are embedded have fought back and ripped my skin-to-shreds). A day I've spent with a soaking wet arm where a bucket or vase decided they didn't want to "play" and promptly dumped their contents all over (a bucket at the wrong angle in the sink when filling is not to be messed with). A day when I may have had a family in who have recently lost a child, or a bridezilla to beat all others (or worse; a bridezillas mother-in-law to be) I'll be honest, I sometimes want to slap whomever believes me to have been playing all day. Floristry is an industry where we train hard, and work even harder; there is very little (to none) playtime (a while back I did write a post about what I really do all day )

However, sometimes, there are days when I do "get to play". For the first time in over a decade, yesterday was one-of-those-days.

For months now, I have had an idea in my head of something I really wanted to make; I'd asked Chris to put his 3D printer to work for me and he created me a door, a chimney and a window (with shutters). During the time I'd been planning every-now-and-then I grabbed a random item here, and another there from my wholesalers, so that when the opportunity and time finally came, I would be prepared. The time arrived around 11am yesterday morning; by 2pm I had completed my vision and had the best time "playing"

I started with this - the balancing bit on top was many different odd bits of floral foam I had floating around - I do hate to see anything go to waste

Which quickly became this....

I added these....

Then I dotted a few flowers about

and I ended up with this....... 

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed "playing". It was lovely not to have any kind of pressure (I was making it just because I wanted to and not because someone had ordered it, so the pressure was most definitely off). It was nice to have the time to make it (I did have customers in-and-out and this gave us a really good topic to have a chat about whilst they were in the shop). It turned out far better than I had expected, however, when I worked out the wholesale cost of everything that went into it, I probably won't be "playing" again for another decade :) 

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