We're getting there

Those of you that follow the shop on our many social media outlets will know that we've been trying to keep them up to date more often - it's not that easy when our lovely customers keep popping in (sometimes just for a chat) but recently we've been working on ways to better organise our time and so far it seems to be working, which means I should also hopefully be able to keep this blog up to date a little bit more than I have been (sometimes I'll be honest it's not because I don't have the time, it's also because I'm not sure what to waffle to you about, so if any of you have ideas on what you like to know about the world of floristry, then please drop me an email - the link can be found on our WEBSITE). For those of you that don't (or up until now haven't been) following our social media sites, all I can ask is "Why not?" :) We have Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and of course Google (we also have snapchat but I'm not entirely sure how that works yet - I often like to add a frame to an image but from what I can tell on there, that's not possible, but I shall give it a try and see if it works for us).

Once again October has been an exceptional month for us (each and every month is better than the previous). It never fails to amaze and humble me, with the amount of customers who are willing to put their faith in us when it comes to the flowers they require for all occasions. Just this week alone I have booked in 3 weddings for next year, and 1 for 2017, plus I have a bride booked for a consultation tomorrow afternoon. The new website Clive has been promising for the past 3 years, looks like it might finally be ready to go live by the end of November at the latest (don't quote me on that though as he's told me before it's nearly good to go, then changed his mind when he's not been happy about something, or with the security of the online ordering systems that are out there. Every day though he is running a new page by me that is complete, so this time I feel confident he is finally happy with it. Once it live our customers will be able to order their sympathy flowers online as well, which is not an option we have been able to offer before. 

The Halloween window this year has generated the most responses we've had it the 10 year's I've been allowed to play with all things spooky - all of them have been positive which is wonderful to hear; it's also great to have so many people stop me as I am leaving in the evenings, or while bringing the planters from the front in, to discuss it with me. I've met so many lovely people and had some great conversations. 

Sunday the Halloween window will be replaced by the Remembrance Window. Have to admit I am slightly disappointed in the Royal British Legion who have again this year left out our little row of shops and so we have no poppies to sell or collection tins to try and raise money for them. They ignored us last year also, which is a shame as the £45 we alone raised the last time we  had a tin is not to be scoffed at and I am sure the chip shop, barbers and hairdressers would also be able to raise some much needed funds, but I never let that stop me from giving over the window for 2 weeks. There are times when it's not all about us and raising our profile; Remembrance Sunday being one of those times. 

Also this month (just yesterday in fact) we were asked to provide some simple table centres, presentation bouquets, and single flower place settings for the local radio station Wave 105, who were hosting an awards evening in relation to their Cash for Kids charity. Of all the florists that cover their area, to be their chosen business for such a prestigious and important event made us all very proud; very proud indeed. Hearty congratulations to all their well deserved winners. 

At the time of writing this entry they've not shared any photo's of the presentation bouquets being handed over, but earlier in the week we had to provide a couple for people that were unable to attend, and a video of one being presented can be found here :) 

As you can see we continue to keep busy and we have our lovely customers to thank for that, but hopefully we should now be able to keep the social side of the business up together a bit better too. We have quite a few different ideas to put into practice as well in the not-too-distant future that should hopefully get us all interacting a bit more with each other. 


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