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in the shop at the array of flowers we had in stock, the gentleman looked at the handtied we had ready made to take away, and uttered the words "I can get double that amount of flowers for the same price in the supermarkets; what deal are you going to do me on that?". He was talking about handtied. 

"No deal Sir" I replied "the price is what it is"

"Yeah, but you shops have your flowers kicking around for days; that's probably been here since the weekend"

Now I am well aware some shops do only receive their flower deliveries once a week, but we are in the lucky position of being able to get flowers on a daily basis (well, when things in the Chunnel and Ferries are running ok; this week has been slightly strained because of the problems out there). I explained that nothing is in the shop longer than 48 hours, but that in fact the bouquet he was looking at had been made only an hour before, from flowers that had arrived in the shop at 5 this morning. 

Again, he came back at me with "well you must do me a deal; I've already told you I can get more for the same price in the supermarket".

I've given up trying to explain to people the difference between a florist and a supermarket, so politely told the gentleman "Then my only other suggestion, is you pop down to one of the supermarkets".

His reaction and response was priceless.  "Aside from the fact I don't have time to go to the supermarkets, I can't be bothered to find a parking space and wander round picking up bunches. Plus they don't wrap them up like you have, or put them in a box of water, they mix all the colours up, and they won't deliver"

And there in lies the reason WHY the handtied he was looking at, is more expensive than the bunches in the local supermarket. 

We try to keep our prices as low as we can, but if you want the personal service in the shop, the gift wrapping, the organza bows, and a delivery person who is only employed to deliver flowers, therefore knowing exactly how they should be cared for, and treated, you go to a florist. If you want a few cheap bunches, slung through a checkout with all your other shopping, with no wrapping other than the cellophane sleeve they've been slung into, then you go to a supermarket. If you want supermarket deliveries, you need to remember they postman or a courier service will be in charge. You flower delivery date cannot be guaranteed, they may end up sliding around a van, upside down and arrive to you bashed, broken and wilting. But hey; at least they'll be cheap.

As the old saying goes "You get what you pay for". 


  1. Well said Fareham Florist. We have the same problem here in Birmingham but I like to think that the few we convert are then regular customers once they see the quality and the care that's taken with what we produce. Have a good day xx


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