All systems go

I asked Clive yesterday for any ideas he may have when it comes to keeping this blog up together for you all; the plan was for him to come up with things I could talk about with you all, and share with you. Do you know what his answer was? "Something interesting". Ok; now is it just me or is that not helpful? I then pushed the issue and explained sometimes I run out of things to say and explained I'd like to try and write on here a couple of times a week. To this he told me "That's all well and good as long as you don't bore everyone". Hmmmm; needless to say he is now banished from the shop :) - and no he still hasn't come up with any ideas so if you any of you have any please feel free to share. 

Now on the subject of sharing I have a little video clip to share with you all. Don't got getting all excited; it's not me pouring a vase of dirty flower water over Clives head (now why didn't I video that when I did it :) ) but it is the sneak preview I promised you all for one of our new selection guides. That's right lovely people; you will be seeing it here (first).  It's not even gone to the printers yet. 

I have to say when it came to setting it up and laying it all out it really wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Had it been for me personally it would be full of odd bits and pieces, and really jazzed up. I started that way, then remembered that it's not about me; it's about the shop. It's about promoting an image, while at the same time being helpful and practical to all our customers that will be using it; not an easy task, but after chatting with several other people and getting their input, I came up with something that I hope once printed on some lush paper and bound in nice book form should work well for us. 

While I have no doubt there will be many of you that could have done much better (and those that only think they could :) ) I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. It does exactly what we need it to do. The great thing is that all the pages are removable, so if one gets damaged, or we want to add some extras in, we will be able to do so without too much hassle. The wonders of modern technology. 

Next on the list? The general occasions guide of course.. watch this space......


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