Thank You

There's not really much more I/We can say except Thank you. To each and every single one of you. Past, Present and Future; you really the reason we do this and keep going. You are also the reason we have just had our best year EVER.

To know that during these troubled/hard times we are holding our own, and going from strength to strength each and every year helps to make up for all those early morning, late nights and long, long, loooong weekends we all work. We see more of the shop and our lovely customers, than we do our own homes and family at times.   It wouldn't be possible without any of you though. It's your continued support of us and what we do that has enabled us to pay all the bills this year.  Don't go thinking it's all plain sailing. There are still many sleepless nights, and nobody knows what the future holds for any of us, but since we opened our doors in July 2009 this little business of ours has improved year on year. Knowing other small business owners that have had to close their shops down this year due to the economy (and through no fault of their own) makes us realise just how important it is to keep trying, and just how important each and every single one of you are. You are the reason we are still here; it's because of you we can pay our bills (hopefully one day we'll pay ourselves too :O)  ) Mind you we haven't had the accountants bill in yet; that could soon put a dampener on how well we've done. :)

As you know your feedback is also very important to us, and we'd like to thank you for taking the time out to send us emails, messages and popping in personally to share your feedback and ideas with us.  Some of the great ideas we've tried - and succeeded with -  have been because of you, so again Thank You.


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