You know how we like

to make that little something different? Well we got to do that again this week.  Sadly we never like the occasion we get asked to make these flowers for (even more so this week as they were for our Sarahs best friend who lost her brave battle with cervical cancer back in March) but at the same time to be the florist chosen to create such an item is a real honour for us.  To know we have helped a family member with the final gift they can buy their loved one really is a true privilege for us.
So what did we get to make?  Only a little pink piggy. Actually he was a bit bigger than little.  He stood at just over 2ft from head to tail, and pretty much the same from head to foot.  We have to say when he was finished it was quite a proud moment.

As with so many tributes we are asked to make, we always say "yes no problem" to everything; it's only when we sit down to work out the scemantics we realise what we have truly let ourselves in for. Then we have to decide whether to go 2D or 3D. In this case 2D would never have worked. Yes we could have got the shape and outline, but the detail would have been missing, so 3D he became.


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