All over for another year

Wow. What can I say? Not a lot except a HUGE Thanks to each and every one of you that took the time out and used us for your Mothers Day flowers. It was our most successful mothers day to date and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you. It makes all the hours we work (basically this year we started at 7 on Friday morning and finished at 12 on Sunday lunchtime) worthwhile.  Where would we be without you?

It's always a bit of a come down after Mothers Day; it's our last peak period until Christmas comes round again (which seems to get closer and closer each year), but the great thing is we can begin to concentrate on the shop, the wedding season and all the other bits and pieces in between so it's not all bad.  I think the worst thing is the build up to Christmas, then leads in to the build up to Valentines, which then leads into Mothers Day and now suddenly it's all stopped. 

It was lovely to change the window display earlier. That's the great thing about the peaks all being over. The window becomes the shops again and isn't dictated to by what is going on, so today I've gone all springy and as flowery as possible.  The photo below is taken from behind the window (with our smoked glass it's impossible to take a pic from the outside during daylight hours and at night the flash reflects so the whole thing is lost) but as you can see it's all lovely spring colours and full of flowers.  Spring is such a beautiful season and really celebrates flowers, of all shapes, sizes and colours.


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