As one finishes

so we begin planning for the next one to begin. Thankfully though Mothers Day means we can go all out on the pinks, yellows, greens, blues; pretty much anything BUT red which is a blessing, as we've pretty much had red since the beginning of November. Remembrance day kicks it off with the poppies, then comes Christmas (and no matter how hard we try to introduce differing colours for the festive season, red is still the most popular) and then whoosh we have Valentines.
Large Bag
Another great thing about Mothers Day is we are able to have a play with things, and shake it up a bit. As you can see from the photo above we've bought some bags/cards. Not sure how to explain them really.  The larger one (above) is meant to dupilcate a shopping bag, whereas the smaller one (see photo below) is a clutch bag. I'm sure the shopping bag is meant to be called something else (at the end of the day does a Mum really want a shopping bag for Mothers Day?). To that I think if it's full of flowers then YES.  The card itself stands at 16inches high, and 14inches wide, so it a cracking size to make it a statement item. They remind me very much of the living card arrangements that used to be so popular, but with a modern twist to them.  So far everyone that has seen them in the shop has commented positively on them, so that can only be a good thing. Prcie wise the larger one is working out at £35. The smaller at £25 so they are really well priced for the size and amount of flowers that go in to them.  They can also be made using artificial flowers, but as always an extra 20% needs to be added for artificial.
The Clutch Bag

The only downside to them is that they don't come in any other colour than the pink (that we can find yet but you never know what may be out there). We are heading off to the wholesalers this evening so we come across some they've kept hidden in other yummy colours.


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