The lesson learned

This week is that no matter how many flowers we may think we need to get through a day we will be way off the mark. Never before have I planned so badly.  For 25 years I've always got the balance spot on but this week it's all gone totally to pot. Because I buy flowers every day I always know roughly how many I will need, so I have bought enough for that days orders, plus extras for spares and customers that pass by or pop into the shop. I rarely have anything left at the end of the day but do normally still have a full looking shop at lunchtime. This week however no matter how many flowers I have bought, I've never seemed to have enough. It has been manic. We pride ourselves on never having flowers in the shop for longer than 36 hours, however most of this week we've been lucky if they've been in the shop for 3 hours :o)  Not that we're complaining. It's been great seeing so many people come through the doors and speaking to even more on the telephone, but I feel a bit of a fraud when someone comes in expecting to see a massive display of flowers and I have very little to offer them. Thankfully we have wonderful customers and they have all fully understand and left the choices to me, and luckily walked away with huge smiles on their faces.
The sun is shining outside and inside this week. Happy weekend everyone. May it bring you plenty of joy and sunshine.


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