Is really all I can say to the phenomenal amount of Thank you's we are getting at the moment. It's actually quite embarrassing in one way but exceptionally wonderful in another. It seems as if 90% of every customer that recieves/sends an order is phoning, popping in, sending us a card or an email to say thank you. It makes me feel immensely proud. It's also very humbling. At the end of the day I am just doing my job so for these people to take out the time to let me know they were pleased with the items I have made for them is wonderful. It makes dragging myself out of bed on a wet, miserable day like today so worth while.  I have added a thank you page to this blog but can't put them all on there or it will look as if we are getting carried away. Plus I'm not sure there would be enough space. What I think I will do is change them every couple of months or so. Have just thought about it and why is blowing our own trumpet a bad thing? If people have taken the time to say thank you then we should celebrate that and enjoy it for what it is. 
We'd like to say thank you back to each and every one of you for making the business the huge success it is. Long may our partnership with you all last.


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