Fly Agaric

As a kid I would spend hours wandering the woods looking for the Fly Agaric toadstool - or mushroom, I hear it called both - often much to no avail; when I found one out walking a few years ago I was so excited and luckily took some photo's before some foul children (whose parents weren't bothered in the slightest) kicked the head off and trampled on it!! 

Fast forward to this morning when I had the option of cleaning the kitchen or making something out of the few flowers I had left over from funerals earlier in the week, I chose the kitchen... as if, anyone who knows me knows I would never choose to clean! I didn't have a clue what to make out of them and stood at my workbench for a good 10 minutes (I put this to good use and drank a coffee) before the idea to make a toadstool popped into my head. I am so glad it did because I absolutely loved making it.


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