A few weeks ago I was asked to make a JCB. I love a challenge so naturally accepted the order; as with all bespoke items when I thought about what I was being asked to make, and the reality of making it, I went straight into 'panic mode' and called myself all manner of different names! 

However, me being me, once I got my head around it, I still panicked! Even more so when the tribute was to be delivered the week of Christmas (as if it's not busy enough during that week). Eventually though I decided I was ready to get carving. I waited until after closing one evening so that I wouldn't be disturbed once I got going. I grabbed a flat foam sheet, some blocks of floral foam, my nice long knife, some plant canes and away I went...


Twice I took it all apart as I wasn't happy with how it was looking and thought it wasn't big enough for the price I had quoted. The third time I decided it was as good as I was going to be able to get it.

The challenge to myself was whether I got Chris to print the scoop and bucket for me, whether I bought a toy and ripped those off to use or whether I should have crafted them myself. I chose to trust myself, carved them and was really pleased with how they eventually turned out. 


Thankfully my customer loved it and was really pleased and at the end-of-the-day that is all which matters. If my customers are happy, then I am happy. 





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