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*My issue is NOT with the people parking (per se) but with Fareham Borough Council for allowing it to continue day, after day, after day. I would like to know what they have though because I'd like some of it in case I ever need to park illegally and want to get away with it!*
I find myself at an absolute loss right now trying to describe how I feel towards our Borough Council, although anger figures in there a little. In my opinion they have not only lied to us (myself, a shop neighbour and several other businesses/neighbours up here) but screwed us over once again. I have no idea whether there are hands in other's pockets, or who has dirt on whom, but my goodness trying to run my little business in a very small area of this town is made harder-and-harder each-and-every-day thanks to their decisions.

Back in 2006, plans to build on what was the Hampshire Rose site were submitted (I wasn't running the shop then but being a local girl and having lived here throughout my lifetime I knew of them). If you check out the details you will see the drawings were very similar to the new builds which are now sited on that piece of land. The developer at-the-time wanted to build a total of 12 flats - the exact amount now on the land which was occupied by the Hampshire Rose. Case Tracker (fareham.gov.uk). They were refused, in part for being overbearing and placing strain on local services and road networks.

In 2010 another set of plans were submitted; this time for 8 houses Case Tracker (fareham.gov.uk) on that same plot of land. These too were rejected as 'being out of character to other dwellings' and for adding 'an increased load on services and road networks' listed among the reasons for rejection.

Fast forward to 2019; Fareham Borough Council now own the land, along with the property that was at No.2 Fareham Park Road (which as far as I am aware never went on the open market for sale so a smooth move on their part). Case Tracker (fareham.gov.uk). The plans they submitted are so very similar to those submitted in 2006 with a few tweaks, yet oddly enough there was never mention of them causing issues for local services or road networks this time, even though the number increased by 50% over the original application, and the plans were approved without issue (the 50% increase were placed onto the land purchased afterwards, in Fareham Park Road).

Then there is the old hairdressers at the end of our little block. Quite a few different plans have been submitted over the last couple of years for it, all of which have been approved regardless of any concerns voiced by other businesses and local neighbours. When yet another set of plans were submitted recently Case Tracker (fareham.gov.uk) - which include yet another change of use and hours that will affect the other businesses here, and which will cause no end of issues to the traffic in Fareham Park Road - I thought 'for once' that they may actually pay some attention to the people who live/work here, and would have refused, especially as a neighbour has a written assurance from FBC planning, sent just this past June (which is now not worth the paper it is printed on) stating that any food outlet wanting to open would only be allowed to do so between the hours of 12:30 - 22:00 Monday - Saturday and not at all on Sundays or Bank Holidays. The new plans are for change of use to a take-away and for it to be open half an hour earlier each day, staying open later on a Saturday and to open for 8.5 hours on a Sunday. These extended hours and change of business have been approved, so the categorical assurance we (my neighbour) were given count for absolutely nothing.

I am pretty sure the plans submitted (by the same people who own the takeaway/restaurant which has just been approved) to build flats at the bottom of Fareham Park Road Case Tracker (fareham.gov.uk) (where the old post office used to be) will also not be rejected; one can only question how they (FBC) can chop/change their minds so often.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying I don't want new businesses starting up. I actively support, will encourage, anyone wishing to start up a new business venture - believe me, in this area they will need all the support they can get - but not when it's to the detriment of other businesses, home owners and the local area in general. 

I am aware that the Council’s Executive Leader has already been sanctioned by Hampshire County Council after being found guilty of misconduct, although this appears to have been totally ignored by FBC. If those at the very top can do what they want, then I guess other departments must figure it's ok to follow this lead. What a great world that must be to live in, eh? Doing what we want and not suffering any consequences! 

This place is going to pot; with what has gone on in Central Government recently I am pretty sure that I know what the words sleaze and corruption mean, but I'm not so sure about those who get to make decisions and have these powers!! 

** Update 5th January 2023**  Since writing this more plans for the immediate vacinity have been placed... this link will take you to the update... https://tinyurl.com/fk384hn2 **

Thank goodness I get to work with such beautiful flowers each day or my world would be very dim and gloomy right now.


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