What's next?

After being forced into a 12 week shut down earlier this year, with the daily battle against the builders on the site opposite taking up not just the 3 parking spaces outside the shops, but also 95% of all spaces in Fareham Park Road and Coppice way too, and with no help or support from anyone during any of it, I don't mind admitting I am absolutely amazed we are still in business at this point.

The fact that we are is down to the fabulous customers we have.
Nobody knows how the next 6 months will pan out; I'm pretty certain the builders will still be there (and for quite-a-while yet to come I would imagine) and currently we are facing the prospect of another lock down (with the potential for more during the early part of next year) but what I do know is that with your continued support we should (hopefully) still be here come this-time-next-year.
Thank you. We couldn't do this without you.

Order online or by telephone 01329 8459457 for next day delivery

(same day possible on occasions - dependant on stock levels).

All major credit and debit cards taken.

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