The darker side of Valentines

Sadly, Valentines Day is not all about romance, love, flowers, wine and chocolate. There is a much darker side to it, and if you are the partner/husband/wife of some of the despicable creatures I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with today, please re-think your life choices (or get help to leave them ). I’ve been called every name under the sun, been threatened and treated to abusive behaviour (mainly via phone this year (because they can hide behind a call) but a couple have been in the shop) all because I didn’t have the specific flower they wanted when they came in (they’d not bothered to order and left it until the last minute).

Valentines Day, is the only time I ever have to deal with such abuse/behaviour and sadly it no longer shocks me, but it does genuinely scare me that someone is in a relationship with such vile people. 

You ARE WORTH MORE than someone who would treat a middle-aged florist in such a way.


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