Happy New Year

a bit late as we are already well into 2014 (where does the time go?) but I couldn't write the first entry of 2014 without wishing each and every one of a year a very Happy and Healthy year; may it bring all that you could wish for. 

It feels like it's been forever since I was last able to sit down and share with you all what we've been up to, but it is thanks to our lovely customers that I've not had the time to keep you all updated. Yet again you showed us how lucky we are - by using us for your Christmas flower gifts - and we are humbled and honoured by your continued support and loyalty. 

So what plans do we have for this year? Well the first one is to get the website updated; it's looking a bit tired and messy in a few places, so we have been working hard on new images, a whole new (easier) online ordering system that will allow orders to be placed for all occasions and not just the tied and bouquet section as before; we will also be cleaning up the clutter to make it a bit more user friendly. Hopefully by the end of this month the new site will be live; until then we are still unable to offer online ordering via our personal site  - our linked D2F site is available if you really don't want to speak to us on the phone; they will however, charge you a fee for going through their servers. There's also not as much choice on there, but I know some people don't like to place their orders via the telephone, so it's a temporary option that will enable you to place (and pay for) your order securely online. 

Now those eagle eyed ones of you will notice when the new site goes live that we have had to increase our prices slightly. We've tried as hard as we could to avoid having to do this, but with wholesale prices on the rise, along with every day shop bills (rates, rent, insurance, phones, electric, taxes, fuel etc) constantly rising, we've been left little choice if we wish to pay our bills, and still be here for you all in a years time (sadly so many florists are closing due to spiraling costs and supermarkets, that we want to do all we can to continue providing you with the service you have become accustomed too. We have done all we can to keep the rises as low as possible (and we are still more than competitive when compared to others) but sadly we cannot afford to absorb the costs and allow the business to suffer losses. Hopefully you (our lovely customers) shouldn't notice too much of a difference, but forewarned is forearmed.  The service we provide will remain exactly as it always has.


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