The lonely bouquet

Back last year – or it could have been earlier this year -  a florist working on the continent (originally from over the pond on the west coast USA) hit on the idea of *The Lonely Bouquet*.  A great idea that has since been adopted by florists all over the world.

Now the official day for it this year was Sunday 30th June, but  things being as they are, we never got round to get out and about to share our lonely bouquets around, so we have decided to make this month – October 2013 – our Lonely Bouquet month; this means shutting the shop for an hour one day a week for the next 5 weeks, while Becky and I drive (well I’ll drive and she’ll be the one doing the bouquet drop) around  our area, dotting lonely bouquets here and there. We’ve decided to cover Hill Head, Stubbington, Warsash, Titchfield, Wickham and Fareham on our routes – places we deliver to every day anyway – in the hope that one of you (our lovely customers) will be the lucky finder (or even recipient if found by someone else) of one of our bouquets. I say bouquets but 2 of the ones we are taking out on the first run are arrangements – but you get the general idea.

Beckys Lonely bouquet offering

You could find one sitting on a park bench, hanging from a gate, or resting itself against a bus stop; until we actually get out there with them we really have no clue where they will be left (although we do have a rough idea for our first drop). Can I tell you where? Or course I can’t; It’s all about the luck of being in the right place at the right time. If you are the lucky finder/recipient please be sure to take photos of yourself with your find and email them to us, so that we can share them on here, or our other social networking sites. Who knows; we could make you famous J

I am toying with the idea of doing a similar thing in the spring though but am keeping that one under my hat until the plan is completed (I can’t be giving away ideas to the competition). 

Wondering if I can find this one??  :)

This is my favourite

Will you leave this one hanging?


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