A few months ago we were asked by a young lady about the possibility of sourcing some different style flowers that she would be able to photograph as part of a piece of photography coursework she was doing. After several emails backwards and forwards, visits to the shop and trawls through wholesaler lists, we were able to get every flower she asked for, bar one.

Whenever photos are being taken - usually for weddings - I always ask if it would be possible to have a look at one or 2 - ALL brides promise; sadly so many forget - so I asked Alice (the lady taking the photos) if she would mind sharing some for us to see how talented she is. She has done just that, and now I want to share them with you.

Gloriosa Lily

I will be honest; I am a lover of photography (if I had the time I would love to get out and about armed with a camera - Architecture being my preferred choice) but obviously being in the flower business I also love to see photo's of flower and Alice has not let me down with these. They truly are beautiful and I will admit to being jealous that I wasn't able to take them. 


The strelitzia above is strikingly beautiful; the clarity of the colours is astounding and I could see this gracing the cover of either an art or photography book. 

It's so nice for us to see the flowers our customers are selling in a different setting; so often they end up in a vase with others squishing them, and the true beauty of them is lost, so Thank You Alice for sharing these with us. 
No idea as this wasn't one of ours, but it is stunning

Alice does have a tumblr account that is free for all to view (you don't have to sign up to anything to be able to have a look) and I would advise you all to have a nose at the other photos she has on there; you will not be disappointed. 


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