It's quite exciting

Well we're quite excited by it and wanted to share with you all. The bouquet in the picture above is for a presentation and will apparently be seen on local television (not sure which channel or whether today/tomorrow or if we're even allowed to say but we felt the need to share) and then on Tuesday we have a tribute to make up that is being used in a Memorial Dedication Cermony for the anniversary (albeit a week early) of the sinking of the Titanic. With our Sarah being into all things Titanic related (even before it was popular to be so) this is a really big thing for her and she is busy planning away how to make it without going too over the top. We have no doubt she will succeed and the photographs will be posted on here in due time. The hardest part for her is sourcing the Navy Blue ribbon they have asked us to use in it. Royal blue we can get by the ton; navy blue is not quite so easy, but we have great wholesalers who have never let us down with anything we've asked for, and so we are certain we will be able to get exactly what we need for it. Not sure if there will be anything in the local papers regarding it but we will be keeping an eye out just in case.


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