Genuinely Touched

In our business we're quite lucky; we often get gifts of chocolate, wines, champagnes (occasionally Mr Smirnoff has been handed over), shortbreads and biscuits as thank yous for different items we have made; weddings we have been privileged to be part of, or because we've helped someone out (the drivers have often dropped home some of our elderly customers when their shopping has been too heavy for them to carry). Today however was different and I can honestly say I have never been so touched by a customer before. I'm not prone to being highly emotional (during work or when things are work related that it) but today I had a little tear in my eye and feel so very humble right now.
The photograph above is of the painting that we have been sent today.Sadly the colours are not doing it justice (it's not as dark in the flesh). The lady came in on Monday to see me (she often just pops in for a chat now) and we were talking about paintings and she asked what I like to see in a painting and what I consider art.  Today she phoned me and asked me to send my driver up as she had something for me. He came back with this painting. In 2 days she's put everything I love about paintings (everything I love in general). There are mountains, streams, trees, countryside, sheep ( I love sheepies). When I phoned to ask what it was for (I thought she might want me to display it to sell for her) she told me it was a gift and a thank you for everything I've done for her and how I helped her out when her husband passed away early last year. Told her I was just doing my job (which to me I was.. I treat everyone in the same way) and she replied "but there's doing your job and DOING your job". I knew what she meant and as I have said I am truly touched. I don't think anyone has ever done such a nice/lovely thing for me.
It's being sent off to be framed but in a couple of weeks will be hanging in pride of place on the shop wall so if you're passing by, come and have a look at it. 


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